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Table 1 General characteristics of the dyads. Data are presented as median and InterQuartile Range (IQR)

From: Prenatal and postnatal determinants in shaping offspring’s microbiome in the first 1000 days: study protocol and preliminary results at one month of life

Mothers (n = 63)Age (years)33.029.0–37.0
Pre- pregnancy weight (kg)60.053.0–65.5
Pre -pregnancy height (cm)164.0160.0–170.0
Pre-pregnancy BMI (Kg/m2)
• 65.6% (n = 42): normal weight,
• 26.3% (n = 16): overweight/obesity
• 8,2% (n = 5): underweight.
Weight gain during pregnancy (Kg)
• 54.1% (n = 33): adequate weight gain during pregnancy a
(n = 63; 31 M/32 F)
Gestational age at birth (weeks)40.039.0–41.0
Birth weight (Kg)3.33.1–3.5
Length (cm)50.050.0–52.0
Cranial circumference (cm)34.033.5–35.0
  1. a according to the Institute of Medicine (US), guidelines [Institute of Medicine, US; Weight gain during pregnancy: re-examining the guidelines. Washington, DC. National Academies Press; National Academy of Sciences]