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Table 1 Patient’s blood and other specimens tests

From: Peritoneal tuberculosis mimicking carcinomatous ascites in a child living in a low prevalence country: a case report

BLOOD TESTS Reference RangeOTHER TESTS Reference Range
White blood cells (WBC)/μL64205000–15,000Mantoux TST (mm)12a<  10.0
Neutrophils/μL49801300–8500Fecal calprotectin (μg/g)<  15.0<  90.0
Hemoglobin (g/dL)11.710.5–14.0Blood cultureNegativeNegative
Platelets/μL601,000140,000–440,000Blood smearAnisocytosis, microcytosis, poikilocytosis, band cells (rare), manteined formula 
C-reactive protein (mg/L)132.30.0–5.0Ascitic fluid analysisLeukocites 3979/μL Proteins > 1000 mg/dL SAAG < 1.1 g/dL 
Glucose (mmol/L)4.53.3–6.1Ascitic fluid citologyLymphocyte predominance No atipical or bizzare cells 
Iron (μg/dL)15.030–120ECGNegativeNegative
Albumin (g/dL)3.43.4–4.8Cardiac USNegativeNegative
Total protein (g/dL)7.06.0–8.0Interferon Gamma Release Assay - IGRA (first evaluation)0.39<0.35
Sodium (mEq/L)138.0135–145Interferon Gamma Release Assay - IGRA (second evaluation)1.62<0.35
Potassium (mEq/L)3.53.4–5.5Ziehl-Nielsen (ZN) staining (3 gastric aspirates) NegativeNegative
Chloride (mEq/L)97.096.0–115.0Culture for acid-alcohol resistant bacilli (3 gastric aspirates)NegativeNegative
Calcium (mg/dL)8.88.6–11.0Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) - Gene Xpert (3 gastric aspirates)NegativeNegative
Creatinine (mg/dL)0.580.30–0.80Vidal agglutination testNegativeNegative
Urea (mg/dL)10.010.0–38.0Wright agglutination testNegativeNegative
eGFR (ml/min/1.73 m2)121.3893–129.6CMV-IgG (U/mL)<  5.0<  12.0
AST (U/L)24.05.0–58.0CMV-IgM (U/mL)8.07<  18.0
ALT (U/L)10.08.0–40.0HSV I/II-IgGPositiveNegative
GGT (U/L)13.012.0–64.0HSV I/II-IgMNegativeNegative
PT- INR1.10.8–1.2Rubella-IgG (IU/mL)85.7<  9.0
Fibrinogen (mg/dL)413.0180.0–400.0Rubella-IgM (IU/mL)NegativeNegative
Amylase (U/L)32.010.0–80.0EBV-VCA-IgG (UA/mL)137<  20.0
IgG (mg/dL)1030.0650.0–1600.0EBV-VCA-IgM (UA/mL)<  10.0<  20.0
IgA (mg/dL)28640.0–350.0   
IgM (mg/dL)104.050.0–300.0   
tTg IgA (CU)8.4<  15.0   
BetaHCG (mIU/mL)<  1.0<  5.0   
AFP (ng/mL)0.9<  15.0   
CEA (ng/mL)0.60.0–4.0   
Ca19–9 (U/mL)14.70.0–37.0   
Ca125 (U/mL)4720.0–35.0   
FSH (mU/mL)0.2< 5.0   
LH (mU/mL)<  0.1< 5.1   
Prolactin (ng/mL)16.33.0–24.0   
Estradiol (pg/mL)21.05.0–20.0   
Testosterone (ng/dL)<  20.0<  20.0   
  1. aduring steroid treatment