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Table 3 differential diagnosis of BACM

From: Management and outcome of benign acute childhood myositis in pediatric emergency department

Guillain-Barrè syndrome Symptoms onset 2–4 weeks after viral illness
Distal paresthesiaand ascending paralysis
Symmetric weakness with absent/decreased/preserved deep tendon reflexes
Normal or slightly increased serum CK
Dermatomyositis Subtle onset and chronic course
Proximal muscle weakness
Skin involvement
Muscular dystrophy Muscle weakness
Chronic persistent increase of CK levels
Possible family history of neuromuscular conditions
Juvenile Idiopathic arthritis Asymmetric distribution with swelling and tenderness in joints
Subacute onset
Normal CK levels
Transient synovitis of the hip Symptoms onset 2–3 weeks after viral illness
Asymmetric pain and limited motion of the hip
Normal CK levels
Osteomyelitis Frequent hystory of trauma or penetration of the skin
Elevation of inflammatory markers
Swelling of soft tissues in affected area with or without erythema
Myalgia associated to Influenza Less severe
Concomitant with viral symptoms
Normal CK levels