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Table 1 Italian Smartphone Addiction Scale Short Version (modified from De Pasquale et al., 2017) [14]

From: Smartphone use and addiction during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic: cohort study on 184 Italian children and adolescents

1 Missing planned work due to smartphone use
2 Having a hard time concentrating in class, while doing assignments, or while working due to smartphone use
3 Feeling pain in the wrists or at the back of the neck while using a smartphone
4 Will not be able to stand not having a smartphone
5 Feeling impatient and fretful when I am not holding my smartphone
6 Having my smartphone in my mind even when I am not using it
7 I will never give up using my smartphone even when my daily life is already greatly affected by it
8 Constantly checking my smartphone so as not to miss conversations between other people on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram
9 Using my smartphone longer than I had intended
10 The people around me tell me that I use my smartphone too much