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Table 2 Screening indicators modified in 2013

From: Early recognition of child abuse through screening indicators at the emergency department: experience of a tertiary urban pediatric hospital

ANAMNESTIC DECLARATIONS OR INCONGRUENCES Inconsistencies medical history: a history that does not explain the causes of injuries or illnesses detected, inconsistent medical history about the cause of the injuries, medical history not compatible with clinical objectivity detected
Statement (of the child carers) of a suspected abuse, domestic violence, harassment or sexual violence
CARELESSNESS/NEGLECT Exposure to the use of drugs or substances
History of previous abuse or domestic violence
Child in conditions of neglect, or parents where parental responsibility is suspended
Severe physical neglect causing pathological conditions of the minor (of care pathology)
Obvious and serious lack of timely medical treatment and / or failure to comply with medical treatment specifically recommended, with prejudice to the health of a minor
EVIDENT LESIONS AT THE PHYSICAL EXAMINATION Evidence of multiple traumatic injuries that occurred at different times, not related to the usual games and sporting activities, particularly if under 3 years
Fractures under one year of life without coherent story
Unexplained burns or extended to more than 10% of the body surface, cigarette burns, burns on the genitals
Unexplained bruising
Drowning / violent mechanical asphyxia