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Table 2 Correlation values regarding BMI Z-score at age at thelarche and menarche, the Δ between birth weight Z-score and BMI Z-score at thelarche and menarche and the Δ of BMI Z-score between thelarche and menarche

From: Retrospective longitudinal analysis of the effects of postnatal weight gain on the timing and tempo of puberty and menarche in a cohort of Italian girls

Weight changes parameters Auxological parameters Correlation coefficient (R) P value
BMI Z-score at thelarche Age at thelarche 0.34  < 0.0001
BMI Z-score at menarche Age at menarche 0.46  < 0.0001
Δ BW vs. BMI Z-scores at thelarchea Age at thelarche 0.27  < 0.0001
Δ BW vs. BMI Z-scores at menarchea Age at menarche 0.38  < 0.0001
Δ BW vs. BMI Z-scores Δ at menarchea Tempo of puberty 0.20  < 0.0001
Δ BMI vs. BMI Z-scoresb Tempo of puberty 0.13  < 0.05
Δ BMI vs. BMI Z-scoresa Final height Z-score 0.13  < 0.05
  1. BW birth weight, BMI body mass index
  2. aBirth weight Z-score and BMI Z-score changes; aBMI Z-score changes between thelarche and menarche