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Volume 43 Supplement 1

72nd Congress of the Italian Society of Pediatrics

Joint National Meeting SIP; Italian Society Pediatric Neurology (SINP); Study Group on Accreditation and Improvement of the Quality; SIP National Work Group on Migrant Child

Meeting abstracts

Publication costs for this supplement were funded by the Italian Society of Pediatrics. AP declares that she acted as a consultant for GENZYME-SANOFI during 2016. The supplement editors declare no other competing interests.

Florence, Italy16-19 November 2016

Edited by Giovanni Corsello, Carlo Caffarelli and Alberto Villani.

  1. Content type: Meeting abstracts

    Authors: Marco Braghero, Annamaria Staiano, Eleonora Biasin, Patrizia Matarazzo, Silvia Einaudi, Rosaria Manicone, Francesco Felicetti, Enrico Brignardello, Franca Fagioli, Elisabetta Bignamini, Elena Nave, F. Callea, C. Concato, E. Fiscarelli, S. Garrone, M.Rossi de Gasperis…

    Citation: Italian Journal of Pediatrics 2017 43(Suppl 1):21

    Published on:

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