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Table 3 Difficulties on the part of teachers in managing allergies in school: a selection of comments made during the focus groups

From: Food allergies in school: design and evaluation of a teacher-oriented training action

Operating difficulties in school “Emergencies scare us also because we are always face to face with the class … it is very difficult to deal with an emergency because you are on your own” (focus group in Turin)
  “Our hands are somewhat tied: we are often scared but there is not much we can do” (focus group in Rome)
Teachers’ skills and responsibilities “We did receive some training in first aid; however, I am not a doctor and I cannot be forced to do this sort of thing …” (focus group in Rome)
  “Information on a personal level is extremely welcome, of course … when it comes to taking action, it is tough, I am not sure I feel up to it because there is also an emotional element involved; they cannot force me to do something if I don’t feel up to it…” (focus group in Turin)
  “These responsibilities are not part of a teacher’s assignments…” (focus group in Turin)
  “We are not doctors, so I think that these things ought to be done by someone specially appointed, we are still teachers. I cannot do a doctor’s job” (focus group in Rome)