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Table 5 Subjects and questions in which the teachers made the most mistakes ex-ante

From: Food allergies in school: design and evaluation of a teacher-oriented training action

  Correct answer Wrong answer%
First aid   
Self-injectable adrenaline should be administered… Using a syringe, directly through the clothes (e.g. trousers) 84.2
Where should adrenaline ideally be injected? In the muscle on the side of the thigh 75.9
The adrenaline normally used for emergencies in the case of anaphylactic shock with a self-injecting syringe … Has a fixed dose 64.6
Is a teacher allowed to administer adrenaline to a child suffering from anaphylactic shock? Yes, provided that s/he has been duly trained and authorised by the child’s parents 55.1
In case of anaphylactic shock with breathing difficulty and/or dropping of the blood pressure what is the drug of choice which should be used? Adrenaline 53.8
Dose and development over time   
With age food allergies … May disappear 76.6
If you are hypersensitive to a certain type of food … It is possible that as you grow older the allergy may disappear 56.3
The dose which triggers a food allergy in an allergic subject … Depends on the patient 53.2
Milk-related allergy and intolerance   
To cure a patient who is intolerant to lactose, the best strategy is … Avoiding the type of food or ingredient to which s/he is intolerant 63.9
Milk may cause … Both intolerance and allergy 63.3
Intolerance to milk is due to … Sugar (lactose) in the milk 60.1