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Hematology & Oncology

  1. Radiation therapy represents an important approach in the therapeutic management of children and adolescents with malignant tumors and its application with modern techniques – including Proton Beam Therapy (PB...

    Authors: Angela Sardaro, Roberta Carbonara, Maria Fonte Petruzzelli, Barbara Turi, Marco Moschetta, Arnaldo Scardapane and Amato Antonio Stabile Ianora

    Citation: Italian Journal of Pediatrics 2019 45:170

    Content type: Review

    Published on:

  2. Malignant spinal cord compression (MSCC) is associated withpoor prognosis and may lead to permanent paralysis, sensory loss, and sphincter dysfunction. Very limited data are available on incidence and etiology...

    Authors: Lucia De Martino, Piero Spennato, Simona Vetrella, Maria Capasso, Carolina Porfito, Serena Ruotolo, Massimo Eraldo Abate, Giuseppe Cinalli and Lucia Quaglietta

    Citation: Italian Journal of Pediatrics 2019 45:80

    Content type: Research

    Published on: